Daylight Autonomy: What it Means for Building Design

August 7, 2017
daylight autonomy scottsdale

Daylight Autonomy is revolutionizing the performance of building efficiency. It is intuitively-
designed to meet the ever-changing environment throughout the day for the highest levels of
daylighting performance. Daylight Autonomy allows a building to harvest natural light, free of
electric light. The operation of this smart technology continually adapts to the exterior
elements throughout the day, transforming the environment in ways previously unimagined.

Connecting Sustainability to the Human Experience

To continually optimize the building environment, a Lutron Quantum Hyperion Total Light
Management System integrates with Lutron Automated Roller Shades and Intelligent Wireless
Window Sensors to constantly adapt to ever-changing solar conditions. Daylight Autonomy
brings in useful natural light, reducing glare and heat, while increasing occupant comfort and



Performance and Return on Investment

Daylight Autonomy allows a building owner to maximize their investment in building efficiency.
Automated shading systems can reduce energy usage up to 65% and HVAC system operations
of up to 22%. This, combined with lower installation and labor costs associated with installing a
low voltage shading system over a high voltage shading system, are proven to provide
significant cost savings to the project.


Want to Know More About Daylight Autonomy?

At Scottsdale Shade & Light, we specialize in the customization of building daylight efficiency
and performance. Daylight Autonomy will give your firm an added value proposition.
Please contact Susan Oster to set up a time to demonstrate what this might mean for your
future projects.