Office Building Thermal Management

June 13, 2017
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When you consider office building thermal management, you’re really talking about the way in which your building can achieve desired factors for efficiency, comfort and aesthetics. The building manager should be equipped with convenient features for conserving energy, all while providing the right environment within. The combination of energy savings and improved comfort is a result of an efficient process and high quality products in place. What does it take to create the ideal office building thermal management? Let’s look at the factors.


Three Elements That Boost Productivity

office building thermal management shading systems
In this part of the country, office building thermal management is vital to the success of a business. You must be able to deliver the three most important factors from the start.

  • Glare Reduction
  • Thermal Management
  • View Preservation

These three ingredients in the design of a building are responsible for the happiness, health and comfort of the people working there. And what does that mean for the business owner? Productivity. This all comes together with a well planned shading system in place.


Shading Systems That Deliver Results

The right shading system can produce the performance you’re striving for as you develop the plans for office building thermal management. What goes into creating shading systems to meet the needs of your specific building? It’s exactly those specifics for your building’s individual characteristics that we customize.

  • Exact Location
  • Window Size
  • Window to Wall Ratio
  • Functional Needs of the Space
  • Color of the Space

office building thermal management performance fabrics

Using Lutron’s tool, The Performance Shading Advisor, we provide you with the ideal combination of fabrics and operating systems to achieve your desired outcomes. We provide you with a report detailing the performance metrics. All of this comes together for incredible results. Your shading system will create convenience, cost savings and the right environment for your building.


The Cost Savings of Office Building Thermal Management

“ An enhanced experience over the course of the day, maintaining the ideal environment while achieving cost savings…”

office building thermal management building specifics

We’ve talked about meeting the building’s needs, as well as the well-being of the people inside. However, the actual office building thermal management component you’ll be designing towards is energy savings that results in a return on the investment. The right shading system is capable of lowering operating costs when it comes to the thermal management of the space, through our selection of innovative fabrics and automated operating features. The fabrics work with the characteristics of your building to offer glare reduction, view preservation and useful daylighting. But, the automation of a shading system is where the tough work gets done. The ideal atmosphere is an enhanced experience over the course of the day, maintaining the ideal environment while achieving cost savings.


Are you ready to hear more? At Scottsdale Shade & Light, we focus on the specific needs of your building location and client requests to provide you with a plan for success. Let’s work together to create the perfect shading system for your next project.